About Us

The importance of Architecture in the shape of any country cannot be overestimated. The field of Architecture is in connection with a variety of areas. Some of which are: aesthetic, technological, social, cultural, economic, and political issues that affect us as humans. The Department of Architecture consequently has an important role to play in producing architectural department at AUC is providing high-quality education to students and practitioners of architecture. It will also add up to the much-needed dialogue among the stakeholders directly or indirectly involved with the field of architecture.

The Department of Architecture’s aim is to equip and educate architects who can competently perform in their workplaces but who also have the expertise and ability to respond and contribute positively to the built environment their communities and the world at large.  To achieve this, the university has employed highly skilled professors that will not only teach but also provide their students with real-life experiences and onsite training. The Department of Architecture provides high-quality degree programs at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. These programs underscore major ideologies that prepare future architects. Students take part in research, planning, and design in a family-oriented academic environment, in teamwork with the faculty, research, and professional organizations.


Career Opportunities

Beginning with the most apparent architecture career, a role as a qualified architect is likely to be thought-provoking, attractive, and stimulating that will put you in a pole position of new technology to improve the lives of people while exercising your creativity. As an architect, you will work carefully with customers and users to design new buildings or make extensions or modifications to current ones, making sure that they are safe, profitable, and useful.

Distinctive tasks of architects include overseeing the construction process, determining any planning issues, managing the environmental impact of projects, teaming up with other design specialists keeping in mind the financial budgets.