About Us

A good justice system is the footing of any civilized nation. The department of Law at AUC is dedicated to playing a significant role in the legal system of not only the TRNC but also in the countries of its alma mater. The stature of the department is its big strength. Graduates from the department are serving in different positions is at their various workplace and has been successful and doing their jobs. The faculty of the department has potential and competent professors.

The Department is always on its feet to create more opportunities for its students. And will continue to work to provide new ones for its graduates that want to continue in the field of law.

The Department offers practical training to its students. Lectures are given by eminent Academicians, Judges, and Activists which are obligatory as a part of the curriculum.

Students have access to a library with more than 56,000 documents and books that aid students with the information needed for their studies. Review).


The vision of the Faculty of Law is to strive to be an internationally recognized leader in relevant legal research and education in TRNC and the World. 


The Faculty of Law has as its mission the establishment and nourishment of a research and education environment that has strong values of social justice and excellence.