Dear Students,

Welcome to the American University of Cyprus (AUC) family. You, our esteemed students, will spend your student years in the natural laboratory of AUC, see your achievements day by day and become more aware of the correctness of your choice.

By studying in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC), you will also be in a world university. You will set sail to new horizons with a liberal education system implementation at UAC. The mission of AUC is to bring another light of science to Nicosia, the city of lights, to provide high-quality education and training, to contribute with scientific-based knowledge through research and publication activities, to share the results with the local and international community and to offer them to their service.

Located in the capital of Nicosia, AUC is an international university with its historical characteristics and texture, as well as its vision that shapes the future.


Prof. Dr. Gökce Keçeci