Prospective Student

General Information

AUC Vision

• Providing high quality education and training,

• To engage in research and publication activities,

• Sharing research results with the community locally and internationally

• To contribute to global knowledge.

AUC Mission

• To preserve and bring to life the historical texture and features of the region by being located in the Walled City of Nicosia,

• To contribute to the educational, cultural and socio-economic development of the region,

• To raise students who have national cultural values, think analytically, make decisions and produce solutions on a global scale.

Academic Year

The academic year at AUC consists of two semesters. The first semester of the academic year usually starts in the last week of September and ends in mid-January. The second semester starts in mid-February and ends in mid-June. There is also a summer school at KAU, which includes semester courses.

Life at AUC

The American University of Cyprus campus offers you a colorful and reliable environment with its constantly growing students, academic and administrative staff, and a multicultural and friendly large family, with its innovative and modern structure.


Throughout the academic year, students can benefit from art events, exhibitions, music events, and a wide range of social and academic activities held on campus. Many of these are held at Arabahmet Culture House, the cultural center of AUC. The traditional Spring Festival, the culmination of the year’s social events, is in May.

Language of Education

The language of instruction at AUC is English and Turkish.

Academic Programs

AUC operates 5 faculties with 12 undergraduate programs, 2 colleges with 25 associate degree programs, and 1 postgraduate research institute with 2 master’s degree programs.


Campus area Nicosia Surlariçi There are shuttle and bus services from the main campus of AUC and certain centers in the city.