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Purpose of the Program

American University of Cyprus, Faculty of Fine Arts, Architecture undergraduate program will be opened to meet the need for architects who provide content and visual value to architectural structures that are the basic reflection of cultural identity and leave their mark on history.


The department aims to provide graduates who are equivalent to international standards in education, who are competent in theory and practice, creative, have technical knowledge, have developed their skills in design, and are sensitive in the fields of sustainability, urban scale and, more importantly, professional ethics. It develops a thought-centered education model.


To train architects who have the qualifications to fulfill the architectural profession on national and international platforms, who can establish interdisciplinary relationships, who research, have a scientific approach, follow innovations, and improve themselves. and to produce graduates who can apply it in group work and to raise designers who are talented, creative, have a critical mind (mindset) and respect professional ethics.​

Program Description

The basic philosophy of the architecture undergraduate program is to create sensitivity to think, design and implement within the framework of social responsibility, sustainability and ethical values by evaluating field-specific knowledge with a critical approach. In this context, it is aimed to provide national and international qualifications that include design, history and theory of architecture, environment and city, building science and technologies, and the knowledge, skills and competencies required for the profession.​

Registration and Admission Conditions

Within the framework of the regulations determined by the Council of Higher Education (YÖK), student admission to this program is through the examination system conducted by the Assessment, Selection and Placement Center (ÖSYM). Student registration procedures are carried out within the framework of the principles determined by the Measurement, Selection and Placement Center (ÖSYM). Every year, the Rectorate determines and announces the registration date, required documents and registration places for prospective students who will first register to the University, according to the units. Registration procedures are carried out by the Student Affairs Department. Final registration is not possible with incomplete documents or by mail. Those who are found to have falsified documents are not recorded. If it is understood that the recording has been made by mistake, the recordings will be deleted.

Graduation Requirements

In order to graduate from the undergraduate program in architecture, it is required to get a passing grade from 50 courses (Local Credit: 145, ECTS: 240) in the 4-year (8 semesters) curriculum, have an average of 2.00 or above, and successfully complete two internship courses.​

Employment Opportunities

Graduates of the American University of Cyprus, Faculty of Fine Arts, Architecture undergraduate program, architects can work in the construction, planning and design of various structures and buildings such as public buildings, commercial and residential areas. Architects are responsible for designing spaces in line with the needs of the people who will use the buildings, in harmony with the environment, and in the most comfortable, healthy, safe and economical ways. Architects can also work in the architectural departments of public institutions and organizations such as ministries, municipalities, etc. Apart from this, they can open their own offices as well as job opportunities in architecture and construction companies in the private sector. Graduates of the Architecture Department can also continue their master’s and doctoral studies and work in academic institutions.​

Department Information

Academic Staff


CodeCourse TitleTPCrEctsCodeCourse TitleTPCrEcts
ARC101Basic Design Studio36610 ARC102Introduction to Architectural Design Studio36610
ARC111Architectural Drawing I2235 ARC112Architectural Drawing II2235
ARC121Building Technology I3034 ARC122Building Technology II2234
ARC131Mathematics3034 ARC134Prog & Architecture3034
ARC141History of Art and Culture3034 ARC142History of Modern Architecture3034
CodeCourse TitleTPCrEctsCodeCourse TitleTPCrEcts
ARC201Architectural Design Studio I36611 ARC202Architectural Design Studio II28611
ARC211Digital Design & presentation I2235 ARC212Digital Design & presentation II2235
ARC221Building Technology III3034 ARC252Environmental Design Systems3034
ARC241Contemporary Architecture3034 Elective 23034
Elective 13034 Elective 33034
TURK001Turkish I (TFL101)0022TURK002Turkish II (TFL102)0022
ARC300Internship I0006
CodeCourse TitleTPCrEctsCodeCourse TitleTPCrEcts
ARC301Architectural Design Studio III36611 ARC302Architectural Design Studio IV36611
ARC351Urban Design & planing2023 ARC372Principles of Restoration and Conservation2234
ARC361Human Factors in Design2234 Elective 53034
ARC381Professional Ethics2023 Elective 63034
Elective 43034 Elective 73034
NH001National History I0022NH002National History II0022
ARC400Internship II0000
CodeCourse TitleTPCrEctsCodeCourse TitleTPCrEcts
ARC401Architectural Design Studio V36611 ARC402Graduation Project4121016
ARC403Graduation Research & preparation3034 ARC412Portfolio & presentation2234
ARC481Project Management2023 ARC482Professional Practice3034
Elective 83034 Elective 103034
Elective 93034 Elective 113034