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Cartoon and Animation

Purpose of the Program

Cartoon and animation film productions obtained with the art, culture and communication components included in the department have become indispensable productions of today’s media and cinema environment. Turkey’s animation industry, which has developed under the influence of Europe and America, has created the need to train well-equipped individuals trained in this field. The Cartoon and Animation Department was opened in order to train personnel with the artistic and technical background to respond to the sector. Department of Cartoons and Animation; It aims to raise individuals who can successfully use multimedia techniques such as cinema, film, video and animation, have aesthetic sensitivity, are investigative, original, creative and innovative.


The Cartoon and Animation Department’s mission is to be the best institution that provides training to follow the developing and changing technological innovations in the world and to produce products that will include artistic originality and creativity at the highest level.


American University of Cyprus Cartoon and Animation Department was established in the light of examples taken from Turkey and the world. The mission of the department is to train practitioners who have a solid intellectual foundation and produce creative and original works in the field of cartoons and animation. The curriculum of the department has been prepared within the framework of this mission. It aims to contribute to the training of well-equipped individuals by synthesizing theoretical and practical courses with each other and carries out all its work in this direction.

Program Description

The basic philosophy of the cartoon and animation undergraduate program is to create sensitivity to think, design and apply within the framework of social responsibility, sustainability and ethical values by evaluating field-specific knowledge with a critical approach. In this context, it is aimed to provide qualifications at national and international level, including cartoons and animation, history and theory, environment and city, building science and technologies, and the knowledge, skills and competencies required for the profession.

Registration and Admission Conditions

TRNC Students who are nationals and started and completed high school in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus; They can win a scholarship by participating in the scholarship exam held by the university every year, or they can register between the registration dates announced every year.

Graduation Requirements

In order to graduate from this department, it is required to get a passing grade from 50 courses (Local Credit: 144, ECTS: 240) in the 4-year (8 semesters) curriculum, have an average of 2.00 or above, and successfully complete two internship courses.

Employment Opportunities

Graduates of this department; While they can be researchers-academics in their fields, they can also work in the cinema industry with video, animation, multimedia production companies, advertising agencies and television institutions.

Department Information

Academic Staff


I. Semester2. Semester
Course CodeCourse NameTPCrECTSCourse CodeDersin AdıTPCrECTS
CAR101Basic Design I24610CAR102Basic Design II24610
CAR103History of Motion Image3035CAR104Cartoon & Animation3035
EFL101English I3035EFL102English II3035
PA111Drawing I2235PA112Drawing II2235
PA131Photography2235PA142History of Modern Art3035
NH001National History I0000NH 002National History II0000
TURK001Turkish0000TURK 002Turkish II0000
Compulsory Credit’s1281830Compulsory Credit’s1361830
3. Semester4. Semester
Course CodeCourse NameTPCrECTSCourse CodeCourse NameTPCrECTS
CAR201Cartoon Applications2235CAR202Computer Animation Applications2235
CAR203Model Making2235CAR204Colour Theory& Practice2235
CAR205Story Design3035CAR206Basic Illustration2235
CAR207Illustration2235CAR208Script Writing2235
PA1032D Design0335CAR210Digital Design Techniques3035
PA241Contemporary Art3035PA1043D Design0335
Compulsory Credit’s1291830Compulsory Credit’s10111830
5.Semester6. Semester
Course CodeCourse NameTPCrECTSCourse CodeCourse NameTPCrECTS
CAR301Stage Design in Cartoon2235CAR304Fiction II2235
CAR303Fiction I2235CAR3062D Animation II2235
CAR3052D Animation I2235CAR3083D Computer Animation II2235
CAR3073D Computer Animation I2235CAR310Visual Expression2235
CAR309Sound Technology I2235CAR312Sound Technology II2235
CAR311Photography & Single-Frame animation2235PA333Mythology3035
Compulsory Credit’s12121830Compulsory Credit’s13101830
7. Semester8. Semester
Course CodeCourse NameTPCr.ECTSCourse CodeCourse NameTPCr.ECTS
CAR401Cartoon Making I2235CAR402Cartoon Making II2235
CAR403Production of 3D Animation I2235CAR404Production of 3D Animation II2235
CAR405Visual Effects2235CAR406Practice Base Project2235
Faculty Elective335Faculty Elective335
Faculty Elective335Faculty Elective335
Faculty Elective335Faculty Elective335
Compulsory Credit’s6151830Compulsory Credit’s6151830
T84P126cr 144ects 240