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International Business Management

About the Department

American University of Cyprus, Faculty of Business and Economics, International Business Management undergraduate program aims to enable students, who learn to both master and follow technology during their 4-year undergraduate education, to gain different meanings to the business world by better understanding the new generation applications.


To be an institutional structure whose education is based on contemporary science, which takes into consideration the needs of society and transforms research into production, which is based on national awareness in the development of student talents, and whose programs and trainers comply with national and international quality systems.


To educate students who are researchers, creative, original, self-confident and enterprising, who can work in multidisciplinary areas, which the society needs, with international quality education in all fields of science, to create a research and education area together with international students and faculty members, and to create an environment that provides lifelong education for the society.

Registration and Admission Conditions

Every year, the Rectorate determines and announces the registration date, required documents and registration places for prospective students who will first register to the University, according to the units. Registration procedures are carried out by the Student Affairs Department. Final registration is not possible with incomplete documents or by mail. Those who are found to have falsified documents are not recorded. If it is determined that the recording has been made by mistake, the recordings will be deleted.

Graduation Requirements

In order to graduate from the International Business Management undergraduate program, it is necessary to get a passing grade from 44 courses (Local Credit: 128, ECTS: 240) in the 4-year (8 semesters) curriculum and complete it with an average of 2.00 or above.

Employment Opportunities

Graduates of the American University of Cyprus, Faculty of Business and Economics, Department of Business Administration; They have the opportunity to make a career in marketing, sales, purchasing, accounting, finance and administrative affairs units and other similar fields in all kinds of private sector enterprises and public institutions.

Department Information

Academic Staff


1st Semester2nd Semester
CodeCourse NameTPCr.ECTSCodeCourse Namepre.R.TPCr.ECTS
BUS101Introduction to Business3035BUS102Principles of Management (BUS108)BUS1013036
BUS111Principles of Economics I (BUS201)3036BUS112Principles of Economics IIBUS1113036
COMP103Computer Applications 1.3036COMP104Computer Applications ll.3036
EGL101English 13035EGL102English 1I3035
MAT101Maths for BUS & ECON. I3036MAT102Maths for BUS & ECON. IIMAT1013036
TURK001Turkish I22TURK002Turkish II22
TFL101Turkish for Intern. Student l22TFL102Turkish for Intr. Student lITFL10122
Total Credit1730Total Credit1731
3rd Semester4th Semester
CodeCourse NameTPCr.ECTSCodeCourse Namepre.R.TPCr.ECTS
BUS203Financail Accounting I3036BUS204Financial Accounting IIBUS2033036
BUS205Statistics I3036BUS206Statistics IIBUS2053036
BUS207Introduction to Law3035BUS208Business LawBUS2073036
CS201Communication for Business I3036CS202Communication for Business IICS2013036
NH001National History I (TR students only)22NH 002National History ll (TR students only)22
Total Credit1731Total Credit1732
5th Semester6th Semester
CodeCourse NameTPCr.ECTSCodeCourse Namepre.R.TPCr.ECTS
BUS301Organizational Behaviour3036BUS304Operations Management3036
BUS307Business Finance3036BUS332Marketing Management3036
BUS311Managerial Accounting3036BUS334Research Methods3036
BUS315Principles of Marketing3036BUS336Financial Management3036
BUS331Money & Banking36SOCY100Sociology36
Total Credit1530Total Credit1530
7th Semester8th Semester
CodeCourse NameTPCr.ECTSCodeCourse Namepre.R.TPCr.ECTS
BUS401International Business3036BUS404Risk Management3036
BUS431Marketing Research3036BUS436Innovation Management3036
BUS435Production Management3036Elective36
Total credit1530Total credit1530