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Political Science and Public Administration

Purpose of the Program

The undergraduate program of the American University of Cyprus, Faculty of Political Sciences, Department of Political Science and Public Administration deals with the scientific study of political and administrative issues. The strength of the studies is the basic subjects of political science such as authority, legitimacy, social structure, classes, gender, nation, political parties, political participation, as well as political ideas, ideologies and management systems. Public administration discipline relations, law, urbanization and environmental problems, public policies and local governments are the main areas of knowledge. In addition to a contemporary academic education, this is the main concern of our department to educate people who can think critically, are creative, and have an intellectual identity suitable for the information age of universal quality. Developments and information about our university’s elective courses related to their areas of interest are further enriched.


Equivalent to international values in education, competent in theory and practice, creative, up-to-date and knowledgeable, and developing written and oral expression skills; Aiming to produce graduates who are sensitive to commercial ethics and political and managerial fields, the department aims to enrich education with interdisciplinary collaborations and develops a critical thinking-centered education model that aims to interpret the current scientifically.


Political Science and Public Administration are those who have the qualifications to perform their profession in national and international platforms, private and public institutions, who can establish interdisciplinary relationships, research, be scientific, follow innovations, and improve themselves; To produce graduates who have a role in the globalizing new world order, are open-minded, enterprising, solution-oriented, have acquired leadership skills, and can apply their skills in individual and group work; It is the reproduction of managers who are talented, creative, have a critical logical (mindset) and are raised according to professional ethics.

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1. Semester2. Semester
CodeCourse NameTUCr.ECTSCodeCourse NameTUCr.ECTS
BUS Business& Management Computer & Information Systems Application ll.3035
COMP103Intro. to Computer&Information Systems 13035EGL102Development of Writing Skills3035
EGL101Development of Reading Skills3035HIS104World History&Civilizations3036
POLS101Introduction to Political Science3036IRE102Intro to International Relations3036
Elective3036PUB102Intro to Public Adm.3036
NH001National History l.22NH002Introduction to Public Administration22
TFL101Turkish as a Foreign Language 10TFL102Turkish as a Foreign Language 200
3. Semester4. Semester
CodeCourse NameTPCr.ECTSCodeCourse NameTPCr.ECTS
CS201Communication Skills l3035CS202Communication Skills ll.3035
BUS205Statistics l3036BUS212Macroeconomics3035
BUS211Microeconomics3035IRE204Comparative Politics 23036
IRE201Comparative Politics 13036POLS202History of Political Thought3036
PUB203Introduction to Law3036PUB206Constitutional Law3036
TURK 001Turkish l.22TURK 002Turkish ll.22
5. Semester6. Semester
CodeCourse NameTPCr.ECTSCodeCourse NameTPCr.ECTS
BUS303Human Resource Management3035POLS302Political Psychology3035
POLS301European Political History3035POLS304Political Idelologies3035
POLS303Turkish Politics3035PUB306Research Methods3035
PUB305Public Finance&Budgeting3035SOCY100Sociology3035
STJ 030Internship – 30 calendar days0
7. Semester8. Semester
CodeCourse NameTPCr.ECTSCodeCourse NameTPCr.ECTS
POLS401Political Sociology3035POLS415Political Parties&Election Systems3035
POLS407Global Political Economy3035POLS 417Contemporary Political Theory3035
PUB403Local Government&Administration3035PUB402Comparative Public Administration3035
PUB409Nation State& Nationalism3035ElectivePOLS413 Contemporary Human Rights3035
POLS306Research Methods(3,0)3
POLS307Domestic Politics of Cyprus(3,0)3
PUB307Public Policy Analysis I(3,0)3
POLS308Civil-Military Relations(3,0)3
PUB308Public Policy Analysis II(3,0)3
POLS408Media Politics(3,0)3
POLS410Gender Politics(3,0)3
POLS412Theories Of Democracy(3,0)3
POLS414International Environmental Politics(3,0)3
POLS416Theories Of State(3,0)3