Prospective Student

Human Resources


As a research-oriented university, American University of Cyprus provides education in the light of universal values; To train individuals who are highly qualified in their fields, open to change and development, and to offer the knowledge and services they produce for the benefit of society.


Our university, an inspiring brand; Proud to be its students, administrative and academic staff and graduates; It is a university that gives direction and leads change and development.​

Basic Values

Cyprus Amierkan University; As a university that acts in accordance with the principle of transparency and reliability, has a strong sustainable structure, is fair to its employees and does not discriminate among its stakeholders, respects diversity, attaches importance to equity and merit, has the desire to do its job better and produces added value, we adhere to the following basic principles: acts appropriately. It believes in and respects individual rights and freedoms, and aims to set an example in the development of sustainability and respect for the environment.​

To take part in the American University of Cyprus and become a part of our family, simply send your CV and the position you are applying for to