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International Relations

Purpose of the Program

American University of Cyprus, Faculty of Political Sciences, Department of International Relations undergraduate program deals with the scientific study of issues related to the basic concepts, actors and components of the international system. The subjects of study are the basic issues of political science such as power, authority, legitimacy, social structure, as well as the relations and disputes of actors within the international system, states with other states, conflict zones in the world, regional and international organizations, transnational companies. In addition to an academic education on these subjects, the main concern of our department is to raise individuals who can think critically, are creative, and have an intellectual identity suitable for the universal information age. Students’ professional knowledge and skills are further enriched with courses related to the fields they are interested in from our university’s elective course pool.


Equivalent to international standards in education, competent in theory and practice, creative, with current and historical knowledge, and with advanced written and oral expression skills; Aiming to produce graduates who are sensitive to professional ethics and political and managerial fields, the department aims to enrich education with interdisciplinary collaborations and develops a critical thinking-centered education model that aims to interpret the current scientifically.


International Relations: Those who have the qualifications to perform their profession in national and international platforms, private and public institutions, can establish interdisciplinary relationships, research, have a scientific approach, follow innovations, and improve themselves; To produce graduates who have a constructive role in the globalizing new world order, are open-minded, enterprising, solution-oriented, have acquired leadership skills, and can practice their profession individually and in group work; To train managers who are talented, creative, have a critical mind and respect professional ethics.

Program Description

The basic philosophy of the undergraduate program is to evaluate field-specific knowledge with a critical approach and to create sensitivity to think, design and implement within the framework of social responsibility, sustainability and ethical values. In this context, it is aimed to provide national and international qualifications in Political Science and Public Administration, including law, sociology, history and philosophy, as well as the knowledge, skills and competencies required for the profession.

Registration and Admission Conditions

Within the framework of the regulations determined by the Council of Higher Education (YÖK), student admission to this program is through the examination system conducted by the Assessment, Selection and Placement Center (ÖSYM). Student registration procedures are carried out within the framework of the principles determined by the Measurement, Selection and Placement Center (ÖSYM). Every year, the Rectorate determines and announces the registration date, required documents and registration places for prospective students who will first register to the University, according to the units. Registration procedures are carried out by the Student Affairs Department. Final registration is not possible with incomplete documents or by mail. Those who are found to have falsified documents are not recorded. If it is determined that the recording has been made by mistake, the recordings will be deleted.

Graduation Requirements:

In order to graduate from the International Relations undergraduate program, the student must receive a passing grade from 50 courses (Local Credit: 145, ECTS: 240) in the 4-year (8 semesters) curriculum, have an average of 2.00 or above, and successfully complete one internship course.

Employment Opportunities:

Graduates of the American University of Cyprus, Faculty of Political Sciences, Political Science and Public Administration undergraduate program find jobs in private organizations, especially ministries and local governments. Our graduates also work in national and international organizations in sectors such as inspection, consultancy, banking, communication, education, media and public relations.

Department Information

Academic Staff


CodeCourse NameTPCr.ECTSCodeCourse NameTPCr.ECTS
BUS101Intro. to Business& Management3036 IRE102Introduction to International Relations036
COMP103Intro. to Computer&Infor. Systems I3036 COMP104Intr. to Computer&Infor. Systems II3036
EGL101Development of Reading Skills035 EGL102Development of Writing Skills II3035
Elective3036 HIS104World History & Civilizations3036
POLS101Introduction to Political Science3036 SOCY100Sociology3036
NH001National History I01NH 002National History II II01
TFL101Turkish as an Foreign Language I0TFL102Turkish as an Foreign Language II00
CodeCourse NameTPCr.ECTSCodeCourse NameTPCr.ECTS
BUS205Statistics I3036 BUS212Macroeconomics3036
BUS207Introduction to Law ( PUB203)3036 CS202Communication Skills II3035
BUS211Microeconomics3036 IRE204Comperative Politics II3036
CS201Communication Skills I3035 IRE206Third World Politics3036
IRE201Comperative Politics I3036 IRE208International Relations Theory3036
TURK001Turkish I1TURK002Turkish II1
CodeCourse NameTPCr.ECTSCodeCourse NameTPCr.ECTS
IRE301International Organizations3035 IRE302History& Politics of Balkans3035
IRE305History& Politics of Middle East3035 IRE308Global Peace & Security3035
IRE309International Law3035 IRE312Foreign Policy Analysis3035
POLS301European Political History3035 POLS304Political Ideologies3035
Dep. Elective(1)3035 Dep. Elective(2)3035
Non-Dep. Elective (1)3035Non-Dep. Elective (2)3035
STJ030Internship-30 calender day0
CodeCourse NameTPCr.ECTSCodeCourse NameTPCr.ECTS
IRE403Turkish Diplomatic History& Foreign Politics3035 IRE404EU Studies3035
IRE405International Politics of Cyprus3035 IRE408Conflict Studies & Dispute Settlement3035
POLS401Political Sociology3035 POLS413Contemporary Human Rights3035
POLS407Global Political Economy3035 Dep.Elective(4)3035
Dep. Elective(3)3035 Dep. Elective(5)3035
Non-Dep. Elective (3)3035Non-Dep. Elective (4)3035