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KAU Hosted the “EMAA 20th Anniversary Auction”

American University of Cyprus Hosted the “EMAA 20th Anniversary Auction”

The leading American University of Cyprus opened the doors of 55/57 Social Space to the Mediterranean European Art Association (EMAA), which is celebrating its 20th anniversary in art.

EMAA, which started its activities in 2002 with the vision of “art for everyone”, celebrated its 20th anniversary with a reception held at 55/57 Social Space and the 2nd EMAA Auction, which is planned to become a tradition.

To the reception; President Ersin Tatar, Nicosia Turkish Municipality (LTB) Mayor Mehmet Harmancı, Girne American University (GAU) COO Assoc. Dr. Hüda Hüdaverdi and Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU) Vice Rector Prof. Dr. In addition to Hasan Demirel; EMAA Board of Directors Co-Chairmen and members, as well as many artists and art lovers attended. In her opening speech, EMAA Co-President Zehra Şonya expressed that they were very happy to celebrate the 20th anniversary of EMAA. He expressed his gratitude by stating that the association has come to this day thanks to its devoted colleagues and the institutions and organizations that support them.

“Together with EMAA, we have been supporting art in TRNC in terms of education and production for 20 years.”

Rector of the American University of Cyprus and EMAA Executive Board Co-Chairman Prof. Dr. In her press release, Gökçe Keçeci expressed her pride and happiness in celebrating EMAA’s 20th anniversary and underlined that EMAA has been trying to make art valuable in these lands for twenty years. Prof. Dr. Keçeci,

“Cyprus evaluates art and artists differently, thanks to art organizations such as EMAA. We have been supporting art, artists and artist candidates in the fields of education and production for exactly twenty years. “I would like to thank everyone who worked with us tirelessly and supported us on this beautiful art path.” said.

KAU Rector Prof. Dr. Keçeci stated that EMAA’s “Art for All” approach is also the mission of the American University of Cyprus, and that, as KAU, they want to host many more 20th years of EMAA.

“2. EMAA Auction was very competitive.”

At the 2nd EMAA Auction hosted by the American University of Cyprus, the works of many artists met with the guests in the exhibition halls of 55/57 Social Space. The auction was quite competitive, with a total of 15 works finding buyers. The reception, which started with the music concert of the Nicosia Municipal Orchestra (LBO), ended after the presentation of certificates of appreciation, plaques and statuettes to the institutions and organizations that cooperated with EMAA and the names that contributed and worked hard to the 20-year adventure of the association.