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Fine Talks ”ANBER ONAR”

Artist Anber Onar will be the guest artist of the “Fine Talks” of the Faculty of Fine Arts of the American University of Cyprus. The third guest of the series of seminars called “Fine Talks” held by the American University of Cyprus (AAU) Faculty of Fine Arts for university students and open to the public; The artist-curator will be Anber Onar. Seminars called “Fine Talks”, which have been held since October, consist of people who have achieved success in the fields of fine arts, architecture and communication sharing their professional experiences. Anber Onar, one of the founders of the “Sidestreets” Education and Cultural Initiatives Project; He has opened personal exhibitions in leading countries in the field of art abroad, especially in Cyprus, and has become an artist who has made a name for himself with his curatorial experiences abroad. In the seminar, fine arts students will convey their knowledge about urban aesthetics and architecture. Onar, who works as an academic as well as an artist, will share his experiences with students and participants who are interested in the seminar speech. The seminar in which Anber Onar will take part within the scope of “Fine Talks” will take place on Thursday, December 13, 2018, in the application workshop of KAU at Arabahmet Culture House. It has been reported that everyone who is interested in the seminars, which will be held every two weeks and will include very valuable names, is invited.

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