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Classes of KAU-SEM’s “Creative Art Workshop for Children” have started

Classes of the “Creative Art Workshop for Children” organized by the American University of Cyprus Continuing Education Center (KAU-SEM) have started.

Rector of the American University of Cyprus Prof. Dr. Gökçe Keçeci,

“Our university’s continuing education center is breaking new ground again. We started our children’s art courses, considering that children’s growth with art will have positive effects on their development process and reflection on society in the future. Our workshops, organized for our children to discover their talents and get to know the areas they are interested in, will contribute to their emotional and physical development. Our children will be the architects of our future, thanks to our activities and workshops for children, which we plan to continue in the coming periods.” said.

KAU-SEM Director Assoc. Dr. Pelin Agocuk,

“Our university held a creative art workshop during the summer vacation; “It aims to help children learn while having fun through activities that use different techniques such as costume, painting, sculpture and collage.” said. Pointing out the importance of children participating in such workshops during the holiday period, Agocuk said, “The activities that children participate in during this period play an important role in their development. “We aim to contribute to the development of our children’s artistic, cognitive, social and emotional skills thanks to the various activities to be held in our workshop.” said.

The workshops conducted by American University of Cyprus, Faculty of Fine Arts Lecturer Ceyda Alçıcıoğlu Kozal aim to introduce children to culture and art during the summer holiday. Lecturer See. Ceyda Alçıcıoğlu Kozal,

“As a university that values culture and art, we started the first lesson of our workshop today, where we aim to show that art is not only for adults but also for children. “We drew pictures using finger paint and then turned them into a collage.” said.

Lecturer See. Ceyda Alçıcıoğlu Kozal addressed the families and said,

“We welcome all our children to our art workshop, where they can discover their talents and gain different social skills during the holiday period.” said.

Officials of the American University of Cyprus Continuing Education Center stated that registration is still ongoing and any child who wishes can register.