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Diyalog TV fetaured AUC students!

Within the scope of the “Media and Identity” course conducted by Dr. Emel Yılmaz, Lecturer of the Department of Visual Communication Design at the American University of Cyprus (AAC), KAU students visited the Diyalog Media Group today at noon to conduct applied field research.

During the visit, accompanied by KAU academic Dr. Emel Yılmaz, who conducts the Media and Identity course, the content of the article study prepared by AUC students was discussed and a meeting was held with Diyalog TV News Director Özlem Çemendal on the subject of “Representations of Women in Media and Ideology”.

During the meeting, Özlem Çemendal shared her views on the difficulties faced by women practicing journalism and serving in the media sector in our country, and provided information on how women’s representations in the media are reflected in public spaces depending on different ideological perspectives.

On the other hand, Özlem Çemendal, News Director of Diyalog TV, expressed her appreciation for the devotion and effort of AUC students to conduct applied field research on the media sector in our country and thanked Dr. Emel Yılmaz and AUC students for their visit to fill an important gap in the field of education.