Prospective Student

Fine Talks Event with Guest Speaker Ali Yapıcıoğlu

Interior Architecture and Architecture students from the American University of Cyprus visited the construction site of a new residential house designed and built by architect Ali Yapıcıoğlu.

The main purpose of this visit was to see how rammed earth is applied in design and why this method was chosen. While explaining the properties of rammed earth and the importance of materials in architecture and design, Ali Yapıcıoğlu advised the students to understand the materials they use, because according to Ali Yapıcıoğlu, material is the element that shapes architectural design.

Ali Yapıcıoğlu also emphasized that the compressed soil used in this house was made with a completely environmentalist approach, that the soil was taken from the excavation of the foundation of the existing house and other excavations, that the soil was mixed with edible lime and compacted, and that this is a method that causes the least damage to the environment.