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KAÜSEM Ceramics Courses for Children Begin

American University of Cyprus Continuing Education Center (KAÜSEM) is breaking new ground and organizing ceramics courses for children aged 8-14 this term. Many educational contents such as shaping techniques, drawing exercises, mold preparation and object making methods will be shown in the ceramics course, where children will be able to produce while developing their creativity.

“Mud allows children to unleash their creativity and change things with their own hands.”

Rector of the American University of Cyprus Prof. Dr. Gökçe Keçeci stated that the ceramics course, which will be opened for children for the first time this term, will be given in the ceramic workshops of KAU by educators who are equipped in their field.

“Children are naturally creative. “They continue to develop their creativity with the guidance of their families and then their educational institutions.” said.

Prof. Dr. Keçeci,

“There are no rules that can say right or wrong when children produce something with clay. This gives our children the opportunity to set their creativity free. It makes them think that they can change things with their own hands.” said.

Prof. Dr. Gökçe Keçeci also stated that many courses organized with the aim of uniting art and society are active at the American University of Cyprus Continuing Education Center (KAÜSEM).

“Our KAÜSEM courses continue without slowing down this term.”

KAÜSEM President Assoc. Pelin Agocuk said that due to the interest in the “Creative Art Workshop for Children” held during the summer, they decided to start the ceramics course, which will fundamentally support the development of children this term. He stated that KAÜSEM courses are rapidly progressing towards combining art and society this term with fun and educational courses where both adults and children can improve themselves. Assoc. Dr. Agocuk,

“Due to the high demand this term, we invite everyone who wants to gain professional skills to enroll in our Ceramics, Fashion Design and Greek Language courses, which are opened for adults as well as children in the 8-14 age group.” said.

Underlining that the courses are open to the public, KAÜSEM officials stated that detailed information can be accessed from KAÜS social media accounts.