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“Pati House” from KAU Animal Lovers Club Students

American University of Cyprus Animal Lovers Club built cat and dog houses on the occasion of October 4, World Animal Day.
Students of the Animal Lovers Club of the American University of Cyprus designed “Pati Houses” for the benefit of stray animals due to the approaching cold weather conditions. Students and officials of the AUC Animal Lovers Club, which has attracted attention by organizing many events for the benefit of stray animals since its establishment, placed the “Pati Houses” they built in certain areas of Surlariçi, where the AUC campus is located. Animals found their warm homes in huts prepared in accordance with the approaching cold weather conditions.

AUC Animal Lovers Club Advisor Lecturer Merve Akgül and her students stated that all animals are born equal and have the same right to exist and be observed, cared for and protected by everyone. Lecturer See. Merve Akgul,

“As in previous periods, we plan to organize many events to meet the food, water, shelter and veterinary needs of stray animals. We aim to reach not only the Surlariçi region, where our university campus is located, but also many other regions for our little friends.” said.

Akgül emphasized that stray animals are a part of the AUC family, just like the students.

“Our little friends have the right to live in good and healthy conditions, just like us. “I would like to thank all my students and AUC officials who act with us with this mission and idea.”

she also informed that another charity bazaar will be held soon.